Monday, October 24, 2011

Erin - Kelowna Lady Of The Lake Princess 2011

Every year Kelowna has a pageant to help find the new ambassador's to represent our beautiful city throughout our province. As well as across the world visiting our sister city Kasugai, Japan. I am fortunate to be the official photographer for the pageant. This years's Princess is Erin Van Zyderveld. I had the pleasure of getting to Erin better when I photographed her recently as part of her reward for winning the title of this year's Kelowna Princess. Erin also won Miss Congeniality as well as the Randal Redl Community Involvement Award.
Erin in the Chapel at Our Historic Father Pandosy Mission 

We met at Erin's favourite childhood place to go, the historic Father Pandosy Mission. It's a great place for photos, lots of cool old buildings. Just the kind of thing I love! Dancing is one of Erin's passions, so before I knew it she making me happy jumping through the air displaying her dance moves!

Loving the fall berries in the Okanagan.

Erin is the epitome of a beautiful doe-eyed girl!

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  1. Almost looks like another erin who is part of the game unless the original with her name and birthdate are not as she presented them. Nice site. You should show the map of their names and how reality has mapped things out around our their identities in north america, tHat is erin and leah... Regarbs, CB!