About Me

Suzanne is an accredited award winning member of the Professional Photographers Of Canada.
Accredited in Environmental Portraiture as well as Environmental Wedding.

I am...
I am a Mom, wife, daughter and a good friend :) The most important thing in my life is my relationship with those that I love.
I have a big family ( just the way I like it!) 2 girls & 1 boy and one granddaughter ( okay I am still getting used to being called Grandma!)  I am married to my childhood friend who I met at the age of 13. He carved our initials in the schoolyard maple tree back then and it still stands!  (We go check now & then)  We have terrific memories of growing up in the countryside of Vancouver Island and the early days of our friendship and mutual crushes on each other :)

My life is rich with family & friends, and because of them my life is full of love and laughter! Family is of great importance to me and I usually am found with my camera by my side so we have all of our great memories with us forever. This makes me take special care when I am trusted to capture a families life together. I know how important these images are.

I have always loved photography. It all started as a young girl when I received  my first camera at the age of 9 and my fascination with capturing beautiful images began. Growing up on a small farm, my first subjects were quite often my beautiful little horse Sweet Sue & our many cats & dogs! Then I started watching the family & friends around me and catching them experiencing life. I found myself photographing their weddings, then the babies, watching their lives develop. My passion for photography grew along with them.Over the years I've developed a true love for capturing people's true essence through  my camera lens.

I was actually a music major in University with the goal of being a music teacher, but found myself drawn to photography & Art history courses. Throughout the years I always had my camera in hand, taking photography courses whenever I had the opportunity. I worked in the makeup industry for about 20 years while raising our children. Finally when I turned 40  I got the chance to do what I had always wanted to do full time  ... Photography!! All those past experiences have not gone to waste, I'm always finding they come in handyI consider it an absolute honor to be asked to take part in a day of my client's lives. Getting to know each person, who they are, their interests, what makes them tick is all part of getting that great shot! It gives me a thrill each & every time!

I love life and view fun and laughter as a necessary ingredient!
This extends into my approach to photography. I want us all to enjoy ourselves and our time together, and that your portrait session will be a pleasant, relaxing experience. I want even the most camera shy people to open up and have fun.The most wonderful images are captured when everyone is relaxed, playful and forgetting that I'm there with my camera.
Capturing your special moments so that they're yours forever and ever is something that I take great pleasure in.

My photographic style is a mixture of different elements;

Sometimes Candid,
Sometimes Eye to Eye,
Always Special
Always Memorable

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!