Friday, May 27, 2011

Long Beach Lodge Resort Tofino B.C. - Rachel and Ian's Wedding

High School Sweethearts Tie the Knot

Oh, how I love the Island. The beauty and power of the open ocean make my heart swell. I  was very happy to have the pleasure of making another visit back to Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I was here as the photographer for the lovely bride Rachel and  her handsome groom Ian. 

Truly high school sweethearts, Rachel and Ian had been in love for 16 years after they first started dating in grade 9. Their history together gave them such a comfortable, loving air together. I overheard Ian saying to Rachel at one point in the day "I told you back in Grade 9 when we first started dating that I was going to marry you, and look it came true!" They were so sweet together. Ian treated Rachel like she was his princess and she looked every bit of one in her couture silk dress designed by Martina Liana. 
Rachel's dress  was stunning and looked so elegant set against the raw beauty of the west coast of Tofino. Her look had a romantic vintage inspired  feel. I loved her custom black sash and the silk flower in her hair which played up her gorgeous dark looks with a Spanish flair. The details always bring that extra special touch to a bride and Rachel put special care into each and every detail.  
I was watching Ian while Rachel was getting her hair touched up (ok, it got a little messed up frolicking on the beach for the photographs!!) and Ian was just relaxing and looking at Rachel with the most tender of looks. The he began telling her how beautiful she looked and how her dress was more beautiful than he ever dreamed. His words were so heartfelt it brought tears to my eyes.

I've posted a little video below for you to see all the details and the wedding day as it all came to be. The music was inspired by the engraving Rachel had done on the inside of Ian's wedding band. It said 
"Love Your Girl"

Here are a few favourite photographs of mine from their Wedding portrait session. You'l notice that their fur baby Minnie was never far from them, becoming an important part of their wedding memories! Isn't she adorable?!

The Long Beach Lodge Resort was a phenomenal resort located on the best beach on the West Coast. Every experience there was perfect, the venue staff was meticulous to each and every detail.

Rachel's Couture Dress was designed by
Flowers were created by Crab Apple Floral Design in Tofino
Shoes by "Love"
Ian's Tux was from Black & Lee

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