Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The boys in Sheryl's life.

I arrived at Sheryl & Dan's house never having met their boys, it wasn't long before they had me laughing with their shenanigans ( such a  great word isn't it?!) The nugies & headlocks soon started, then the macho flexing of muscles began! As soon as they did that I laughed and told them that would hit the web for sure. Now understand, I live in a house full of girls, well plus my husband that is, so they were really cracking me up. It really brought back the days of growing up with my two brothers.
It was sweet to watch Sheryl who is such a girly girl, so cute, pretty and tiny surrounded by her boys and her tall charming husband who has quite the sense of humour as well. It was a fun afternoon, and what made it fun was watching them interact with each other and see them loving each other. Oh the boys are going to squirm at that one!

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