Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grandbabies come to town

It's always exciting when our Grandbabies come for a visit! Lots of cuddles, giggles, crying, drool, diapers, bottles, searching for the missing soother, Dora the explorer movies, and now BARBIES!!
Madisyn is almost three years old and such a sweet big sister to little Kingston just 7 months old.  Madisyn discovered the box of barbies that her mother and Aunts had played with ( it really doesn't seem that long ago we had "Barbie World" going on with the girls!) I'll post photos next time she's here playing barbies with her Mom and her Aunts I  promise!

Simple little things like climbing and picking rocks can  make this little girl happy!

7 months old and learning how to crawl and teething with first tooth!

Kingston cut his first tooth while he was here. There was a little crying over that tooth, but the cutest little grin after the pain went away.  Good thing for cuddles from his big sister. Wish I had a video of Kingston's rocking back and forth to get ahead! He sure wanted to get ahold of my camera!
All of these stages are so fun to see our grandchildren go through because they bring back the memories of our kids going through the same steps.

Chantelle and her babes.

A second before this photo was taken Madisyn was finished and crying ( you know the way 2/3 year olds do when they don't want to do something!!) I told her she could say a silly word when we did pictures together that her mother wouldn't let her say EVER!!! We sang it together! It made both of them laugh. I just love this image. I'll always remember that moment. We were all laughing!! Sorry, but the words have to remain a secret between us, don't want you to think I'm a naughty Grandma LOL.

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  1. My goodness, Suzanne......sweet kids!! I can see you in them:)