Thursday, March 3, 2011

Simplistic yet glamourous Boudoir Portrait session

So many times I have women ask me " what should I bring with me to my Boudoir Photo session?" My reply is often, "Don't worry about all the props, expensive outfits ect. this is about YOU. The beauty of YOU." Beautiful lingerie is always fun, I love it, I'm a girl after all and love pretty little nothings, beautiful shoes, okay I love love love great shoes!  But this proves what I'm saying... Skin Rocks!!! Here's what I'm talking about... the boyfriend's dress shirt ( carefully snuck out of his closet!) & black panties. Simple right? That all you need, and look..... this could be you.

A little surprise Mermaid, beautiful artwork curling up her side.

                         Nudity can be tasteful, subtle yet still erotic, a hint for all of you shy girls.
                                                                  Skin is simply beautiful.

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